Personalised Name Lolly Towers - CHOOSE YOUR FILLINGS - GOURMET RANGE - Up to 14 Letters

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Perfectly Presented In A Tower 

Want to Choose Your fillings down to each cube , this is the listing to do that
In the Gourmet Range . 

If you are happy with a random selection please see this Listing as it will be more cost effective

These little lolly Cubes are made from a 5cm Cube PVC Food Safe Favour Boxes.
Filled with Your Choice of Lollys or Chocolate ,Stacked & Wrapped in cellophane to hold together

They come with a Personalised Letter Decal On Front of each cube To Spell The name & a little bow on top so there perfect presents for this people you dont know what to buy.

Can Have up to 14 Boxes / Letters in writing

1 letter per cube for example 

JAXXON = 6 cubes

MUM = 3 cubes 

please make sure you buy the right number of cubes for your name

Choose your font style, Bow Colour & Filling Options From the drop down menu .

if you want multiples with the same Filling ( IE ALL M&MS ) you can just tick M&M but if you want each one different choose all the options required 
If More fillings chosen then cubes purchased we will make the final choice of fillings
If you only select a few fillings and more cubes we will make up the tower with our discretion on amount of each filling .

All boxes are sealed for freshness

Discounts for Bulk Amounts of 10+ Towers &
Extra Labels can be added on back - please email us for pricing.

Fillings will be selected from the following List  -


  • Mini Easter Eggs - Limited Time ONLY
  • Lindt Balls -Assorted ONLY
  • Filled Chocolate Pieces
  • Flake Bites
  • Gourmet Nut Mix 
  • Dried Fruits Mix
  • Choc Coated Popcorn
  • Choc Coated Aniseed Rings 
  • Choc Turkish Delight 
  • Rocky Road
  • Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites
  • Fruchocs
  • Choc Coated Pretzels
  • Maltesers 
  • Allens Chicos
  • M&Ms
  • Jelly Beans
  • Jaffas
  • Choc Coated Sultanas
  • Choc Coated Peanuts
  • Choc /Toffee Eclairs
  • Liquorice Allsorts
  • Korico Coffee Candys
  • Celebrations 
  • Mini Musks
  • Snakes
  • Mixed Lollies
  • Choc Buttons
  • Red Raspberry Twists
  • Clinkers
  • Jubes
  • Fantales
  • Hard Candy Lollies
  • Minties 
  • Sour Mix Lollies
  • Dark Chocolate Maltesers
  • Cobbers
  • UFO's
  • + MORE
  • Choices may be changed & Added to without  notice..


Please Note ALL towers MAY contain traces of nuts due to them containing Chocolate
IF you have a SEVERE ALLERY please do NOT take the chance as 90% off our Lollies/Chocolates DO contain a MAY contain traces WARNING....

Lollie weights vary depending on choice as size dictates how many fit in , 
IE - M&Ms= approx 100g per cube 

Bows styles may vary 

for non Personalised little Lolly Cubes please see this page

Little Lolly Cubes

Or if your after Bigger Lolly Cubes see our Candy Buffet Section under 
Edible Gifts

Manufacturing Time

 Please Allow up to 2 WEEKS to make your Lolly towers , cubes & gift boxes before they will be sent to you.


 Great care is taken in creating and packing each Lolly tower so it arrives in perfect condition

This includes atmosphere modified packaging, food safe ice packs (If Needed) , bubble wrap, boxes and upgrading to express post to beat the weather .

Due to these increased costs we do endeavour to recycle and reuse boxes & cardboard packaging where we can to be able to offer you  our items at a great price .

all other packaging is brand new and ready to protect your precious personalised cargo